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Coating & Ink Specialty Resins

Specialty epoxy resin has many features that make it suitable for coating and ink.

1. Special Epoxy Resin Used for Coating & Ink

Rapid curing, low energy consumption, low VOC, and UV curing Coatings&Inks develop rapidly in many applications, today, Regulations on carbon emissions are getting tougher, and it has become one of the important trends in the future.

Except for the advantages above, UV cationic paint/ink also makes high performance in chemical resistance, touch-safety, and processing, bringing better solutions for  Can coatings, flexo/Gavaue/inkjet printing, and so on. TTA alicyclic epoxy resin is known for being the best matrix resin in cationic UV coatings/ink, as cycloaliphatic epoxy resin manufacturers, we can provide a variety of materials for customers to choose from.

Cationic Curing

2. Advantages of Using Special Epoxy Resin

High performance in chemical resistance, touch safety, and processing.

Cationic Uv Coating