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Specifications of Tetra TTA22 (Cas 106-87-6)

Product name1,2-Epoxy-4- epoxyethylcyclohexane
CAS No.106-87-6
Content(%)95.0 min
Epoxy equivalent (g / eq)70~80
Viscosity (mpa.s/25℃)5~30
Chroma50 APHA max
Water(%)0.15 max

Typical application characteristics of TTA22 (Cas 106-87-6)

  • Application
Cas 106-87-6
  • High curing crosslinking density and Tg, and Tg can be increased;

  • The cured product has no benzene ring but good weather resistance;

  • Ultra-low viscosity and good dilution;

  • This specialty resin chemical can be cured with anhydride, amine, UV / thermal cations, etc. in a variety of curing methods; Strong dilution ability and can be used for reducing the viscosity of the epoxy system.

It can be used as a high-property active diluent in composite materials, packaging materials, UV curing inks, adhesives, and other fields

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