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What is cycloaliphatic epoxy resin?

Cycloaliphatic epoxy resin refers to a series of products obtained by oxidation with butadiene and acrolein as base materials and the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid as oxidant. Epichlorohydrin is not selected as the synthetic base material, thus, the molecular structure does not contain any benzene ring and hydroxyl group, and the epoxy group is directly connected to the cycloaliphatic ring through oxidation-reduction.

What are the curing method of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin?
  • Anhydride curing

  • Thermal cationic polymerization

  • Photo cation polymerization

What are the features of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin?

Low viscosity, high heat resistance, good weather resistance and low halogen content.

What areas can Cycloaliphatic epoxy resin be used for?

Cycloaliphatic epoxy resin has been widely applied in Coating & Ink, Composites, Adhesives, Electrical Insulation Materials, 3D Printing, Synthetic Resin, and other fields.