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Specifications of Tetra TTA520 (Cas 28768-32-3)

Product name4,4’-Methylenebis(N,N-diglycidylaniline)
CAS No.28768-32-3
Epoxy equivalent (g / eq)110~130
Viscosity (mpa.s/25℃)1500~3000

Typical Application of TTA520 (Cas 28768-32-3)

  • Application Possibility
Cas 28768-32-3
Application Possibility
  • As the matrix resin of fiber composites, TTA520 has long pot life, excellent fiber impregnation, and good processability.

  • TTA520 is applicable for filament winding, pultrusion molding, RTM molding, and other molding processes.

  • In addition, TTA520 has excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and weather resistance, high bonding strength, and good mechanical properties.

  • It can be widely used in composite resin, high-temperature resistant adhesive, automobile lightweight, communication cable, military aerospace, rail transit, sports equipment, coating corrosion resistance, and other fields.

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