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Specifications of Tetra TTA27 (Cas 81-21-0)

Product name1,2:5,6-Diepoxyhexahydro-4,7-methanoindan
CAS No.81-21-0
Content(%)98.0 min
Epoxy equivalent (g / eq)70~90
M.p. (℃)184~188

Application of Tetra TTA27 (Cas 81-21-0)

  • Coating
  • Epoxy Castable
  • Composites
  • High Temperature Resistant Adhesive
Cas 81-21-0

The product containing a partial epoxy group can be prepared by condensation TTA27 with unsaturated fatty acids (such as dehydrated ricinoleic acid, linseed oleic acid, soybean oleic acid, tung oil acid, etc.), and then cure it under the action of catalysts BF3 and SnCl4. The obtained coating has excellent UV resistance and alkali corrosion resistance, as well as good hardness and toughness.

In addition, a dicyclopentadiene dioxide epoxy resin/polyurethane interpenetrating polymer network can be prepared by modifying TTA27 with polyurethane. The formation of an interpenetrating polymer network improves the bending strength, adhesion, and impact resistance of TTA27 resin. The addition of the curing agent improves the heat resistance of the polyurethane / epoxy resin interpenetrating network. The toughened epoxy resin shows an obvious two-phase structure than that before modification. The coating made of this system can be used for heat-resistant and wear-resistant automotive primers, etc.

Cas 81-21-0
Epoxy Castable

The physical, mechanical, and thermal aging properties of maleic anhydride-cured TTA27 and epoxy resin E44 castables are shown in the table below.

Cas 81-21-0

Bisphenol A epoxy resin E51 can effectively improve the mechanical properties of TTA27 composites.

Cas 81-21-0
High Temperature Resistant Adhesive

TTA27 adhesive has common bonding strength at medium and low temperatures, TTA27 adhesive shows very good bonding strength when the temperature increases, especially above 150 ℃, so it can be used as a high temperature-resistant adhesive.

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