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Synthetic Resin

The most important application of synthetic resins is in the manufacture of plastics. 

In order to facilitate processing and improve performance, often add additives, and sometimes directly used in processing forming, so it is often synonymous with plastic. Types of synthetic resin or manufacturing synthetic fibers, synthetic resin coatings, adhesives, insulation epoxy materials, 3D printing epoxy resin and other basic raw materials, currently widely used resin concrete also to synthetic resin for cementitious materials.

In addition to the direct use of alicyclic epoxy by physical mixing, it can also be used for the synthesis of oligomers. With the help of the special structure of alicyclic epoxy, customers can develop heat/light curing low polymers for downstream applications such as photolithography resins and modified silicones

Products commonly used in oligomer synthesis: TTA11cas 106 86 5, TTA15 TTA16 cas 64630 63 3