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Specifications of Tetra TTA28 (Cas 2886-89-7)

Product nameTetrahydroindene diepoxide
CAS No.2886-89-7
Content(%)95.0 min
Epoxy equivalent (g / eq)70~100
Viscosity (mpa.s/25℃)10~30
Chroma50 APHA max

Application of Tetra TTA28 (Cas 2886-89-7)

  • Dilution Property
  • Anhydride Curing Property
  • Thermal cation curing properties
  • UV Cation Curing Properties
Cas 2886-89-7
Dilution Property

Features: very low viscosity, convenient to operate, excellent dilution effect, and good miscibility with other resins. It can be used as an epoxy active diluent.

Cas 2886-89-7
Anhydride Curing Property

Features: when a small amount is added to other resins, it can maintain high Tg while reducing system viscosity without affecting the mechanical properties.

(* 622:1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether, difunctional epoxy active diluent)

Thermal cation curing properties

Features: high activity of thermal cation polymerization, rapid curing at low temperatures, good adhesion, and heat resistance.

Cas 2886-89-7
UV Cation Curing Properties

Features: high UV cation reaction activity, low curing shrinkage, low viscosity, high transparency, and suitable for a variety of  UV curing applications.

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