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Tetra Featured in "Japan Chemical Industry Daily": Innovation Driving the Advancement of the New Materials Industry


Recently, Tetra was interviewed and published by the Japanese Chemical Industry Daily. In the interview, the reporter asked about the current global market situation and Tetra's current strategic direction. As a chemical company with significant influence in the global market, Tetra is confident about the future development trends.

According to the report from the Japanese Chemical Industry Daily, Tetra stated in the interview that the global chemical market has been developing rapidly in recent years, with different regions having their own market trends. In China, the chemical industry is undergoing a transformation and upgrade, with strengthened environmental regulations and industrial restructuring by the government, leading to the gradual exit of some high-pollution and high-energy-consuming industries. At the same time, the chemical industry in China is accelerating towards intelligent and green development, providing more development opportunities for high-end chemical companies like Tetra.

In the European and American markets, Tetra believes that the chemical industry will continue to maintain a stable development trend. European and American countries have advanced technology and a talent advantage, providing a good development environment for the chemical industry. Furthermore, there is a growing demand in the European and American markets for high-performance and high-quality chemical products, which is the main direction of development for high-end chemical companies like Tetra.

Regarding the Japanese and other Asian markets, Tetra believes that these regions have great development potential. With continuous technological advancements and industrial structural adjustments, the chemical industry in these regions is accelerating towards high-end and intelligent development. Tetra will actively expand into these markets and provide local customers with higher quality products and services.

Development Trends


Although different regions in the global market have varying economic growth rates and industrial advantages, they share the following common development trends in the new materials industry, including epoxy resins:

Green and sustainable

In the field of epoxy resins, the development and application of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) epoxy resins and biodegradable epoxy resins have become hot topics for reducing environmental impact and providing more sustainable solutions. Our company's epoxy resins in the field of coatings and inks can achieve zero VOC emissions and have no small molecule migration, making them widely used in food-grade metal packaging. In addition, our company is also committed to researching the use of renewable resources instead of traditional fossil fuels, and has developed some bio-based epoxy resin products.

High-performance and multifunctional

In the field of epoxy resins, the development of specialty epoxy resins with high strength, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance has become an important direction. Additionally, by integrating composite technologies with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and others, the mechanical and thermal properties of epoxy resins can be improved, expanding their application range. Our epoxy resins can already be applied in oilfield products, composite bearings, composite cable cores, and other fields.

Advanced manufacturing technology

Compared to traditional manufacturing technologies, 3D printing technology has been widely applied in the new materials industry. As an important component of UV-curable 3D printing materials, epoxy resins can be used to produce products with complex structures and multifunctionality through optimized formulations and printing processes.

Corporate Vision


Due to its unique chemical properties and wide-ranging applications, epoxy resins have become a key factor in industry solutions. As an industry leader, our company is dedicated to the research and promotion of epoxy resins' applications, achieving significant results in high-performance coatings and inks, electronic adhesives, electrical insulation, 3D printing, and other fields. Tetra will continue to strengthen technological research and product innovation, continuously improve product quality and performance, provide better solutions to customers, and promote the sustainable development of the chemical industry.