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Unite to Fight The Epidemic

Unite to Fight the Epidemic

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year.

At the time of the global epidemic, 35000 masks were sent to Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea in batches from Tetra. It is not just masks. It is the heart of Tetra people who cares about the world and loves himself.

The Tetra people have just experienced the storm of the epidemic. They share the uneasiness and fear of the epidemic, but they also know that confidence and optimism are the weapons to overcome the epidemic. The Tetras are very willing to pass on and share. We are not only able to deliver high-quality products, but also willing to provide weapons to overcome the epidemic situation, convey confidence and defeat the common enemy of mankind.

In his book 'Brief History of the Future', Herali once mentioned that human beings are facing three challenges: hunger, war and plague. After entering the 21st century, these three problems have been basically solved. But the real human world seems much crueler than Herali's optimism. The novel coronavirus pneumonia, from SARS to H1N1, from Ebola virus to the new corona virus today proves that at least the war on plague is far from over, and even at some time, we are still in a very passive position.

The world is facing the same problem. While various countries are actively responding to the epidemic situation, we Tetra people in Jiangsu Province are also contributing our modest efforts to help prevent and control the epidemic. In special times, they are not customers, but rather compatriots and friends.

Lastly, we wish all the people in the world who are deeply involved in the epidemic to tide over the difficulties, overcome the epidemic situation and welcome the arrival of a better future together.