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Glycidyl Amine Epoxy Resin

Glycidyl amine epoxy resin, also known as tetraglycidyl amine and triglycidylamine molecular chain, is a kind of epoxy resin containing glycidyl amine.

1. Characteristics Of Glycidyl Amine Epoxy Resin

Glycidylamine epoxy resin is a common resin matrix for high-performance composites, which is characterized by multi-function, low viscosity, high activity, small epoxy equivalent, high cross-linking density, high heat resistance, strong adhesion, good mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for glass fiber, carbon fiber composite materials for aerospace such as airplanes and rockets, heat-resistant solvent-free coatings, electrical insulation materials like electrical insulating epoxy, heat-resistant adhesives, common epoxy resin diluents, etc. At present, at home and abroad, the excellent adhesion and heat resistance of glycidyl amine epoxy resin has been used to manufacture carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRP) materials for the secondary structure of aircraft.

2. Advantages Of Glycidyl Ester Epoxy Resin

Compared with the epoxy resin of diphenol propane, glycidyl ester epoxy resin has a lower viscosity and better workability. High reaction activity; The adhesive force is higher than that of general epoxy resin, and the cured product has good mechanical properties; Good electrical insulation; Good weather resistance, excellent ultra-low temperature resistance, and still higher bonding strength than other types of epoxy resins under ultra-low temperature conditions. It has good surface gloss, light transmittance, and weather resistance.