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Record of ''Nanshan Conference'': Unity, Forward Looking, Concentration and Development

Record of Nanshan Conference

In order to enhance the cohesion of the company's core management team, promote the exchanges and interactions among the management personnel in the three places, and create a good team cooperation atmosphere, 16 core managers from the company headquarters, Taixing headquarters, Shanghai company and Shandong company, under the personal leadership of Jiang Wen, President of Tetra, gathered together in Nanshan, Liyang, to carry out the first team bonding activities this year.

The "Nanshan Conference" was held at the Family Farm in South Mountain Bamboo of the sea, Liyang, from 1 pm until 7 pm. Firstly, President Jiang Wenshu made an important speech entitled "Organization and team building", and put forward specific work requirements for core management cadres at the meeting.

At the meeting, Jiang affirmed the outstanding achievements made by the senior management team in recent years but also pointed out that there are still some gaps in the ideological understanding of individual cadres. The meeting focused on the company's management objectives, core competitiveness construction, cultural concepts, enterprise spirit, values, management systems, etc. It is emphasized that under the guidance of the business philosophy of "internationalization, science, and technology, greening", the company should take precise and professional management, innovation, and entrepreneurship as the spiritual driving force and action program for the development of the company, and improve its core competitiveness by organizational drive, technology drive, cost, and quality drive to serve (Customer), (Competition) and(Change). In terms of team building, we adhere to the strategic steps of "talent planning, internal innovation, external expansion" to provide employees with opportunities to grow, tap their greatest potential and build a successful career, making Tetra a place to exercise various professional abilities and enhance their sense of responsibility, and building the company into a learning, management, and export-oriented organization, as well as making a contribution to the construction of enterprise culture. The meeting also pointed out the direction of efforts to achieve the company's strategy: taking market orientation as the principle, building the core competitiveness of the company, standardizing and improving the institutionalized management system, consolidating the basic management work, and constantly managing and innovating.

"After the route has been determined, Cadres are the decisive factor." In response to the current situation, Jiang put forward the "ten must" work requirements for management cadres, requiring them to constantly improve their quality and ability, constantly enhance their courage and motivation for implementation, adhere to their beliefs, take the overall situation into consideration, understand the general situation, resolutely overcome and prevent the undesirable style of work, firmly establish correct values, and fulfill every task with high quality and standard and create good work performance.

The meeting ended in a friendly and warm atmosphere. After that, in the warm home courtyard, in line with the concept of "do it yourself, rich food and clothing", cooking skills were displayed on the large cooking stove. From the unfamiliar to the familiar, from the familiar to building the perfect team, we chose to persist in our dreams and fight on!